Fabric yarn

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Specialized fabrics yarn are used for crocheting bags, carpets, and "genuine" decor items. Come to NoLi to buy cotton fabric yarn at the most favorable price. In addition, you will be supported by NoLi to have the most satisfactory results.

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Fabric yarn

Fabric yarn specializes in crocheting carpets, home shoes, bags, decor ... This is a very interesting thread for knitting women because the product is made from fabric yarn, which brings a unique feature of its own quality. their material. One roll weighing 100g is 32 meters long. Very cute hand held wool roll. Wool palette has 30 rich color codes.

Fabric yarn using crochet needle: 7mm-8mm, knitting needle: 9mm-10mm

Wholesale customers: please inbox

Product size: 15x4x4 cm

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IMPORTANT NOTE! The color of the palette may be slightly darker or lighter than the actual color because the display on each viewing device is different. It will not be different in tone, so it will not affect much.

The color of the yarn between batches may be slightly different because the manufacturer dyes the color depending on the lot number of that lot. Buyers should choose enough, or 1 or 2 more to make sure having same color for the product. Or keep the label and a bit of sample wool so that the shop can check inventory by lot number instead of color code.

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Frequently asked questions about yarn:

Question 1: How many mm is the fabric yarn?

Answer: The fabric yarn is 6mm

Question 2: What is the weigh of fabric yarn ?

Answer: The weight of fabric yarn is 100g and not core

Question 3: How many meters long is the tshirt yarn?

Answer: The yarn is about 32 meters in length

Question 4: What size of needle should I use when crocheting?

Answer: To use fabric to crochet, you need to use a 7-8mm crochet needle

Question 5: Using fabric yarn when knitting, what size crochet needle should you use?

Answer: Using fabric yarn to knit, you need to use a 9–10 mm crochet needle.

Question 6: Where does the fabric yarn come from?

Answer: This is a high quality wool line made in China.

Question 7: What products can the fabric yarn be used to make?

Answer: With the yarn line, you can make a lot of different products, such as: specializing in crocheting carpets, slippers, bags, backpacks, decorative pillows, decor items, etc.

Question 8: What are the outstanding features of the fabric yarn?

Answer: When it comes to fabric yarn, it is impossible not to mention the material of the yarn. This is a line of yarn made from cotton fabric, super beautiful.

Question 9: When you want to crochet a bag, how many rolls of fabric yarn do you need?

Answer: For the finished product, which is a bag, it takes about 3-4 rolls of fabric yarn depending on the size.

Question 10: When you want to crochet a convex mica bear backpack, how many rolls of fabric yarn do you need?

Answer: With the finished product being a convex mica bear backpack, it takes about 5 rolls of fabric yarn depending on the size.

Question 11: When you want to crochet indoor shoes, how many rolls of fabric yarn do you need?

Answer: For the finished product, which is indoor shoes, each one needs about 2-3 rolls of fabric  yarn depending on the size.

Question 12: When you want to crochet a carpet of about 80 cm, how many rolls of fabric yarn do you need?

Answer: With the finished product being a floor mat of about 80 cm, it takes about 10-15 rolls of fabric.

Question 13: Why should you choose fabric yarn to crochet carpets?

Answer: Because the fabric yarn is made from cotton fabric, the product is durable, sturdy, and has a smooth hook on the seat mat.

Question 14: Can fabric yarn crochet clothes?

Answer: The fabric yarn should not be crochet because the shirt will be thick and stiff, and the shirt will be heavy. The fabric yarn is more suitable for crocheting backpacks, carpets, and indoor shoes.

Question 15: Is fabric yarn safe?

Answer: The fabric yarn is made of cotton, so it is safe and non-toxic.

Question 16: Does the fabric fade?

Answer: Using fabric yarn to knit or crochet will not fade.

Question 17: Is the fabric yarn machine washable?

Answer: Machine washable fabric yarn is as comfortable as ordinary clothes.

Question 18: Can I get a discount if I buy 10–20 rolls of fabric yarn?
Answer: If you buy 10 rolls, you will get 20,000 VND off.


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