Step 1: Visit the website Select the product you need to buy in 2 ways:

Method 1: Access each product category you are interested in

Method 2: Type the name of the product you are interested in in the product search box

  • Step 2: Click on the product you are interested in. Now you will have detailed information about the product such as color or classification, size, use, real image of the product.

  • Step 3: Make a purchase. You will have to choose from 3 items:

    Section 1: For classified products, you will have to choose the type of product you are interested in. In the case of products with colors, you choose the color you want.


Section 2: Quantity. Select the number of products according to your needs.

Click on the “+” sign to increase the number of products you want to buy

Click on the “-” sign to reduce the quantity you want to buy.

Item 3: Select the item to add to cart and you have completed the product purchase step. If you want to own more crochet accessories at Noli, you will repeat the above steps.

After selecting Add to Cart, a message will appear on the screen. You choose to proceed to checkout to complete the purchase.

In case you change your decision to buy a product or mistakenly click to buy a product that you are not interested in. You can delete the product by going to your shopping cart. The screen will display as follows:

Remove products you don't need by clicking the "x" in the delete column to remove the product from your cart.

Step 4: Make payment

At this time, the screen will appear the following information: You will have to complete and accurately fill in the following items:

Item 1: Purchase information: fill out all information fields.

Section 2: Shipping.

There are 2 payment methods for you to choose, which is to pay directly to the shop owner's account (Mai Khanh Linh, STK: 0541000318421 - Vietcombank Bank, Chuong Duong Branch, Hanoi); Or you can pay on delivery.

Item 3: Click to order

The order process was successful. The screen will display as follows:

After receiving your order, Noli will contact you to confirm your order and shipping address.

Sincerely thank you!



Total amount: