Paper papyrus yarn

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Paper papyrus yarn is specialized for crocheting hats and bags. Coming to NoLi, you will receive enthusiastic advice, support and be the place to supply the most prestigious and cheapest papyrus fiber in Hanoi.

Màu sắc
02 be đậm
03 trắng kem
04 be
05 xám khói
09 đỏ
11 hồng đào
12 be
17 đỏ đô
19 hồng baby
24 vàng
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Papyrus Yarn specializes in crocheting hats, and bags - 1 roll of 100gr

Paper papyrus yarn is an extremely cool sedge material. Often used to crochet children's and adult hats for the summer. In addition, paper papyrus yarn is also used to crochet beautiful and lightweight bags. This yarn line is very suitable for those of you who love the vintage style. Because the fibers of papyrus are simple, they exude an extremely elegant look. Give users a feeling of enjoyment.

With children's hats, it's about 200g. Adult hat 300g. Bags depending on the size, simple or complex, about 200-300-500gr.

Quantity: 100gr/roll

The sedge yarn has 10 basic colors: 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 09 - 11 - 12 - 17 - 19 - 24

The picture has a color code. Customers like any color, click buy, select the quantity and then add it to the cart.



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The product is made from papyrus yarn



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